Fund Raising Manager

Job Description

The Fundraising Manager must provide administrative support for the day-to-day operation of the fundraising department and manage fundraising and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects to contribute to the overall mission of the Association.


The incumbent will work closely with the Executive Director in fundraising and meeting the set target by the Board of Management.

Job Description:

  1. Manage existing fundraising projects and develop new projects.
  2. Identify community partners (business and community organisations) to fund projects costs.
  3. Prepare funding proposals to deliver presentations, donation appeals and appreciation letters.
  4. Coordinate approved corporate CSR and community projects.
  5. Communicate and promote mission, vision and programmes to external stakeholders and potential donors.
  6. Donor Management – maintain and update records and liaise with different business units
  7. Maintain a high level of confidentiality concerning prospects and donors
  8. Provide detailed reports to the Donors concerning the utilization of donations.

Job Requirement:

  1. Minimum Diploma or Degree in related discipline
  2. Minimum 3 years working experience in similar roles or more than 5 years without the minimum qualification.
  3. Strong event management and communication skills.