Production Engineer

Job Description

Job Purpose:

Assist in the development of the Production Department by contributing to the daily operation and maintaining the high level of efficiency for all new models and engineering changes. Provide strong impetus to support continuous improvement in view of meeting all relevant KPIs for the company. Provide a framework with clear structure to build on the need to standardize and implement systems for greater clarity and efficiency. Manage and provide solutions to the operators in an effort to seek to achieve all Production KPI.

Key accountabilities:

  1. Manage daily operation & fulfil customer requirement to meet daily KPI.
  2. Coordinate improvement of existing machines/processes and ensure continuous improvement of production line.
  3. Execute the scheduled projects within the approved time frame.
  4. Perform modifications and validations of new products, processes and equipment.
  5. Perform escalations to Customers and follow up with the other counterparts to ensure TAT is achieved.
  6. Manage special projects that require Engineer to coordinate and control the inventory of the units and ensure correct disposition.
  7. Provide a teaching platform for operators and able to explain to operators on the correct judgment for all processes and related issues.
  8. Manage the inventory of the parts and units and ensure no discrepancy.
  9. Serve as a party to work with Outsourced vendors on the operators’ performance and attendance.
  10. Perform role as trainer for all new processes and make the necessary adjustment to operators.
  11. Complies with all safety policies and procedures.

Knowledge, Skills & Experience:

  1. Graduate with a recognized professional mechanical engineering qualification or Diploma in mechnical or electrical engineering.
  2. One year relevant engineering, project and operational management experience or entry level candidates willing to learn the below stated knowledges.
  3. Strong analytical, negotiation, communication and presentation skills.
  4. Knowledge of cycle time processing and line concept.
  5. Knowledge of motion study for operation to determine optimal line management.
  6. Knowledge of electrical appliances.
  7. Experience in Visual Basic, PLC programming and Microsoft SQL.
  8. Excellent interpersonal skills with a high level of self-confidence, drive and motivation.